Great Lakes Environmental Center Applied Water Quality & Environmental Sciences

Environmental Assessment

GLEC has the experienced staff, specialized equipment, laboratories, and scientific resources necessary to conduct a wide of array of environmental assessment studies, investigations, and testing focused on water quality. Since 1992, regulatory agencies, industry, and environmental organizations at the national, state, and local level have benefitted from GLEC’s integrated capabilities in:


Water Quality Assessment

• Aquatic Toxicity Testing
• Environmental Chemistry
• Fresh Water Surveying and Monitoring
• Microbiology
• Benthic Community Assessments

Sediment Quality Assessment

• Whole Sediment Toxicity Testing
• Sediment Elutriate Testing
• Sediment Porewater Toxicity Testing
• Tissue and Sediment Chemistry
• Sediment Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE)

Environmental Studies

Ecological Risk Assessments
Environmental Assessments (EAs); Evaluations (EEs);
   Impact Statements (EISs)

Ecological/Biological Surveys
Biological Evaluations

Bioconcentration/Bioaccumulation Studies

• Life Cycle Assessments
• BAF/BASF Determinations

Hydrogeologic and Groundwater Investigations

Water Quality Modeling

For more information on GLEC’s capabilities in Environmental Assessments please review the detailed pages and case studies for the practice areas listed above.

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