Great Lakes Environmental Center Applied Water Quality & Environmental Sciences

Program Support

Complex environmental management and research programs require a contractor who is capable of integrating multiple disciplines and managing complex operations. GLEC is uniquely capable of managing large programs and multiple subcontractors, while still providing clients with the responsiveness and flexibility of a smaller business. Along with delivering services through our core research capabilities, GLEC delivers results through related business and research functions including:

  • Oversight of contract laboratory quality control
  • Coordination of sampling program logistics
  • Design and assemblage of sampling kits
  • Database management
  • Technical support call centers
  • Customized training and outreach
  • Workshop and meetings support
  • Literature and peer review

Our proven internal quality control and quality assurance plans, communications protocols, cost controls, and hands-on management approach guarantee that clients receive value and results that always meet or exceed program expectations.

The contractor has demonstrated an outstanding performance level that justifies adding a point to the score. It is expected that this rating will be used in those rare circumstances where the contractor achieved cost savings and performance clearly exceeds the performance levels described as “Excellent”.
EPA Office of Water – UCMR Contract Review 2005

Contact: Robin Silva-Wilkinson, Principal Research Scientist
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Sampling Program Logistics

Laboratory Quality Control

Workshop and Meetings Support

Training and Outreach

Database Management

Client Programs

U.S. EPA Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule

Michigan DEQ Strategic Environmental Quality Monitoring Program

U.S. EPA New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program

U.S. EPA Technical and Regulatory Support for the Development of Criteria for Water Media - Ecological Emphasis

U.S. EPA Technical Support for Developing and Approving Water Quality Standards and Criteria

USDA Pesticide Data Program - Water Sampling Kits and Administrative Services