Great Lakes Environmental Center Applied Water Quality & Environmental Sciences

Power Generation

GLEC provides specialized compliance support to power generating utilities and industrial firms subject to federal and state permitting and licensing requirements. GLEC has a proven track record of success helping clients manage:

  • Clean Water Act 316(b)/(a) Assessments
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
    Licensing Studies
  • State 401(a) Water Quality Certification Studies
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Permit Requirements

GLEC has helped power generating facilities throughout the Great Lakes region successfully meet 316(b)/(a) compliance through studies involving fish entrainment, impingement mortality, and turbine survival. These studies include the collection, identification and interpretation of larval and adult fish data collected during facility operations. Study results are combined with GLEC’s expertise in analysis and communicating with regulatory authorities to further client attainment of 316(b)/(a) regulatory approvals.

GLEC has almost twenty years of experience supporting hydropower companies through successful FERC relicensing efforts. GLEC has performed studies that support Exhibit E (Environmental Studies) of FERC hydropower relicense applications. Studies have typically included including environmental assessments of recreation, water quality, sediment quality, wetlands, wildlife, endangered species, fish entrainment, fisheries assessments and cultural and historical resources. Section 401(a) of the Clean Water Act also requires that hydropower licenses include state water quality certification. GLEC staff have helped clients comply with 401(a) requirements through solid research, effective communications, and extensive knowledge of state water quality criteria standards.


Contact: Dennis McCauley, Principal Research Scientist
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