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GLEC developed a probabilistic approach to establish Ambient Water Quality Criteria (AWQC) for copper using the Biotic Ligand Model (BLM). This approach has been incorporated in the current BLM software. The graph (below) shows an example simulation of copper concentrations, instantaneous copper criteria predicted by the BLM, and the fixed site criterion determined by the probabilistic approach.

GLEC also validated methods proposed by EPA to predict bioaccumulation of chemicals in fish for AWQC, using PCB congener data from the Green Bay Mass Balance study and the Hudson River datasets. An example graph from the validation is shown at left. This effort was published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology (Burkhard, L.P., Endicott, D.D., Cook, P.M., Sappington, K.G. and E.L. Winchester. 2003. Evaluation of 2 Methods for Prediction of Bioaccumulation Factors. Envir. Science Technol., 37 (20): 4626-4634).


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