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Regulatory Compliance

Commercial firms, utilities, and government organizations benefit from GLEC’s extensive experience serving both regulatory agencies and the regulated community. This experience allows GLEC to offer compliance solutions with superior results while minimizing costs and level of effort to manage environmental compliance. GLEC has the experienced staff, equipment, and resources to provide compliance assistance with:

  • NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System: GLEC provides Laboratory and fi eld based research to assist clients with meeting their NPDES permit requirements. GLEC scientists have played a key role in assisting U.S. EPA with the development of NDPES methods and criteria, including Toxicity identifi cation and reduction evaluation procedures to assist in the implementation of the EPA’s Water Quality Based approach to control toxics through NPDES permits. GLEC staff have provided compliance assistance for hundreds of NPDES permits.
  • FERC -Federal Energy Regulation Commission: Our biologists, monitoring systems, and field capabilities combine to assist hydro power operators with FERC Schedule E compliance.
  • NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act: Our project portfolio includes succesful consultations for government agencies seeking permit compliance with the NEPA Act, from preparing basic Environmental Assessments to more complex Environmental Impact Statements.
  • RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act: GLEC has assisted numerous industrial firms with meeting RCRA Corrective Action requirements, in conjunction with ecological risk assessments, and soil and groundwater quality assessments.
  • CWA - Clean Water Act: When state agencies or industry are faced with CWA standards compliance, GLEC staff can apply their extensive experience developing national water quality criteria and standards while assisting the regulated community meet the same standards.

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Regulatory Agency Interaction

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