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Wastewater Treatment Industry Support

Wastewater treatment plants operated by private and putblic utilities are subject to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting requirements under the U.S. Clean Water Act. The provision of NPDES permit review, compliance and negotiation services to municipal and industrial clients throughout the U.S. has been the cornerstone of our company’s business since GLEC was formed in 1992 and in the decade prior to 1992 as the water quality division of Battelle Memorial Institute. GLEC scientists have been instrumental in assisting U.S. EPA with developing the standards, methods, and procedures utilized in the current NPDES system. Consequently, GLEC has been very effective in helping the wastewater treatment industry efficiently adapt to NPDES requirements and protect receiving waters and ecosystems.

GLEC’s aquatic toxicity laboratories in Traverse City, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio are fully equipped to perform static and flowthrough toxicity evaluations of complex effluents, stormwater, groundwater, whole sediment, sediment elutriate, sediment porewater and single compounds using a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate test species. Whole effluent toxicity testing (WET) has become one of the primary components of U.S. EPA’s integrated approach to toxics control, and a critical element in industrial and municipal NPDES permits. GLEC serves numerous WET clients, and is one of the few national laboratories still practicing WET since program inception in the early 1980’s. We conduct routine aquatic and sediment toxicity tests for NPDES permit compliance, as well as TI/RE evaluations for water and sediment when required. GLEC’s extensive field capabilities and equipment allow us to conduct water quality sampling and monitoring regimens.


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Regulatory Agency Interaction

Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing (WET)

Toxicity Identificaton/Reduction Evaluations (TI/RE)

Bioaccumulation Identification Evaluations (BIE)

Fish Biouptake Studies

Mixing Zone Evaluations

Bioconcentratable Contaminant Assessments

Site-Specific Water Quality Criteria Development

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)



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