Laboratory Services

Unique for a smaller firm, GLEC owns and operates both laboratory and field resources to support water quality research and compliance projects.  This integrated capability often provides clients with a single contracting resource, assuring maximum responsiveness and consistent quality throughout project execution.  The aquatic toxicology laboratories at GLEC have conducted thousands of aquatic and sediment toxicity tests over GLEC’s 25+ year history, and have earned a national reputation for excellence.  GLEC’s Traverse City laboratory is one of only a few in the U.S. that maintains NELAP accreditation for sediment toxicity testing.  GLEC’s environmental chemistry laboratory is also NELAP accredited for chlorophyll and nutrient chemistry.  Aquatic taxonomy capabilities include a full suite of equipment and expertise to sample, enumerate and identify periphyton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, and fish.


GLEC operates one of only a few U.S. laboratories accredited for whole sediment toxicity testing. GLEC also maintains NELAP accreditation for chlorophyll and nutrient chemistry testing.


GLEC's Columbus, OH laboratory is ADEQ accredited for Acute Toxicity and Chronic Toxicity testing.



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